China’s over control

China's daily publications

China’s daily publications

China has been on the verge of emerging its political discussion with the media. Chinese officials are more willing to get opinions from the majority in order to improve its services. Such action is commendable for the ability of the Chinese people to be nor involve in the various issues which has an implication on their lives. Majority of the time in history people have not been able to dissent from various laws being passed by the government. The participation of the public has only been up to knowing the law after it was passed by the government. What was more harmful is the fact that some information has been distorted or the truth has been concealed from the many. Only those who were directly affected know the truth about some questionable actions of the government.


Chinese media

Chinese media

Public officials have made sure that the public will be unable to influence other people in terms of how they view the government. It was important for them that the image of the government will not he tarnished by some rumors spread by people who are angry at the government. Some human rights violations were hidden from the public despite the importance of them knowing. The government even silenced unknown critics of the officials through employing people who would monitor the internet. Anywhere the government has been able to infiltrate the media. The rising trend of activists however is resorting into going to SMS, government regulated forum or leftist media. People who would dissent are already growing in numbers. There are various exposes done by the activists. The government makes sure that they look like a fool. Discredit whatever grievances they have against the government. This doesn’t benefit people into making it known to the people the government’s faults. Thus, the necessity for some people to brave out into various platforms.

Images by China Digital Times and CNN