Data Censorship

Data is not limited with the use of internet but also with the other means of obtaining information. This also involves the presence of the journalists and newscasters who generally give the timely broadcast of events to the citizens of China. However, the Chinese government is firm when it comes to the information being disseminated to the people. This follows that any form of statement against the government brings sanctions to those people who are involved. They have such closed policies that they want to be in control of all that are coming out of the media. Media, for a fact, is a strong tool to be able to share insights and create an impact. This is not applicable in China where the government is so involved in the process.

Journalists are affected in this policy for there are a lot to be censored when it comes to bringing people news. It is quite ironic to know that the information brought to people are limited and yet this system is not given some action that would change how things are. The internet sovereignty of China creates a border to all that are coming out of the country. This includes the means of communication and the voice of the people when it comes to economy and politics. The interests in working with the government is being limited and it results to an idea that anything done can be reflected to a poor government and the illegal spread of information brings harmful effects to its citizens. This makes everything uptight for the country knowing that nowadays, people need to be able to say something whether in the smallest possible ways. This action is self-centered for the government for they are distorting the people to be able to give them a view that what they are doing are just and right.