Government using Internet to gain influence

Chinese officials have been working on appeasing Internet users

Chinese officials have been working on appeasing Internet users

Chinese official has been using the Internet to gain support from the citizens. Despite the fact that some Chinese Internet users believe they have some sort of freedom from the government, officials has been using the platform to forward their political agenda. The increase of Internet users in China initiated the start of the “digital revolution”. The upside of immediately publishing an article and interact with millions of people has been revolutionary. Majority focuses on their ability to criticize openly the government. At the same time for the Party, it has been a significant tool for propaganda especially on state controlled media, which are primarily found in Beijing. The increase on contents containing criticisms allowed for the Chinese officials to pick up the various irreconcilable contradictions.


The Internet in China has been a platform of different concerns of citizens and even extended into a way of protesting against the repressive policies implemented by the government. Unfortunately, the impact of such protest has not been significantly felt. In fact it reaffirmed the power of the Party further because of the ability of the government to easily dismiss such complaints. Beijing officials do this through conducting online chat sessions and even hiring some Internet users to post positive commentary. They have been clever in terms of trying to remove “offensive” content through establishing a positive characterization of the government. This endangers the ability of political discourse to take place because of the inability of some users to match the commentary provided by such officials. It is important for the government to remove them from such censorship because it would not allow citizens to freely express what they want to say. The positive commentary contributes to making a particular contested issue to be discussed extensively. Such practice will not allow some users to have an in depth knowledge of the issue in the point of view of other people.

Images by Jason Lee and CNME