Mobile phones and the political world

More from the youth are increasingly consuming the product.

More from the youth are increasingly consuming the product.

The dissemination of mobile phones in the daily life of a Chinese has created cooperative activities, to make it easier to organize and challenge government censorship. Stressing this new form of communication, we will shows how the traditional mass media’s responsibility as gatekeeper is declining.


In popular protests, there has been a growing importance of mobile media, which has gained and attracted considerable attention all over the globe, as an increasing large group of people are appropriating and domesticating their mobile phones for the real-world mobilization of shared responsibility and the following initiation, organization, and execution of social movements. Last 2011 in the spring time, everyone from around the world watched, as both online and mobile-phone–facilitated a twitter-based revolutionary commitment, has swept all over the Middle East. Being one of the current and up-to-date and eye-catching mobile-phone–facilitated revolts, also known as the “Twitter Revolution,” not only assembles prevalent offline protests, but also encourages additional study of the role of the mobile phone in common protests in the setting of growing use of mobile devices in activities such as social activism, social movements, and contentious politics.

Mobile communication as a means for protest.

Mobile communication as a means for protest

Even in China, there has been a growing use of mobile phone-facilitated protests. The use of mobile media is not just for spreading censored information, but more importantly to facilitate demonstrations and strikes, even to trigger mass incidents involving violent conflicts. In recent years, mobile communication has become a growing influence on the politics and society of China. It is a mundane communication tool and as a multi-media platform, as it connects different types of media, all into one device.


In the case of China, mobile communication lowers the threshold for applying and appropriating technology to struggle against the authorities by shaping itself as the weapon of the week in just a hand.


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