New Age of Media

China has one of the biggest economies in Asia and is considered as a huge emerging market ready to take on the global scheme of things. It is also one of the most exciting and challenging media markets out there. Because of the country’s size, complexity, and diversity, savvy marketers see China not as a single market, but as a collection of evolving, complex, and fragmented markets. Though new media has not yet replaced traditional media, traditional media’s dominance is beginning to erode. Advertisers face a vast array of platform options, especially in digital media, events, sponsorship, and other forms of branded content. Each of these platforms offers new ways to reach and engage with consumers.

China’s media market is about to begin an era of hyper fragmentation, offering media agencies and advertisers numerous choices when formulating media plans. This may surprise foreign advertisers that are accustomed to having fewer choices in China. The key challenge for advertisers in China is how to manage and evaluate these choices while raising media effectiveness and generating higher returns.

Digital media is rapidly taking over the world of advertising and product placement. Companies can now post their ads wherever they want. No more walls or police to stop them from putting up posters, digital ones that is. Although China just passed its’ new censorship law and many of the online posts of people are filtered, this would probably not stop e-commerce rising in China and the placement of advertisements on sites and even sometimes inside applications on our phones. This big market of China is the best place to use digital media since installing traditional media would cause a lot of hassle in transportation and would be much more expensive due to the putting up of physical infrastructures compared to already blooming digital ones.

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