Popular Mass Media


Mass Media may just be the fastest way to get current news and information out to the public. Mass media is everywhere, it will show itself to you even if you are not looking for it. Newspapers front page change everyday. New information is always acquired. In some people’s eyes, a successful company first of all should be a company with a good brand effect. Then how to let other know your company? No matter which country your company is located, mass media is always s a good way. Beijing just might be the right place.

Everyone reads newspapers, its your dad’s everyday routine while drinking coffee before he heads out to work. China Daily is the only national English-language newspaper in China, and it is issued from Monday to Saturday with a Sunday edition-Business Weekly each week in Beijing. Like all other newspapers, China Daily has the usual sections including Home News, International News, and News on business, travel, sports and so on. You can buy it easily at newsstands across Beijing.
Broadcast is another way to go. China Radio International (CRI) aims at promoting understanding and friendship between the people of China and people throughout the world. It is the only national broadcasting station that broadcasts to the world. Now, CRI broadcasts 290 hours of programs each day to all over the world in 43 languages. 
Who doesn’t love TV? Now in China, there are 16 channels of CCTV and CCTV-9 (CCTV International) is the first channel that broadcast in a non-native language. All the programs are broadcasted in English for 24 hours, providing the service for the English audience anywhere in the world. CCTV-9 promptly, accurately, objectively, fully and evenly reports the current news and the significant events in China and other parts of the world and introduces Chinese history, geography, culture, natural scenery and so on.
Images from eurasiafestival.ru and foreignpolicy.com