State Journalist got censored

Hong Kong protest have gained critics from the  mainland

Hong Kong protesters have gained critics from the mainland

The on going protest happening in Hong Kong made a sharp-tongued columnist rant about the oppressive Chinese government. The columnist is known to be writing for a small Communist Party newspaper in Central China. He posted his opinion in the Twitter clone social media platform, Weibo last November 15. The posting made Chinese netizens to react swiftly towards such rant posted by the writer. It escalated into an online spat between Weibo users and in fact portrayed the growing nationalist voices in the Chinese Internet sphere.

Some Chinese journalist support the cause of Hong Kong protesters

Some Chinese journalist support the cause of Hong Kong protesters

Chinese online content police immediately erased  the posting and even the columnist himself retracted his archive of Weibo posts. He has been known to be constantly criticizing the Communist Party. Majority of the posts that he has erased were about the inability of the government to improve its relations with the Hong Kong protesters. He has also been posting his unsatisfaction with the Communist Party particularly its Chairman, Mao Zedong and even the state media of course except his own employer. Despite the fact that he has deleted his multiple controversial opinions, it can still be seen in various websites in the Internet such as and bulletin boards. Users of the mentioned sites have been reconstructing the various opinions made by the journalist. It all started when Ning Fanggang, a doctor in the burn unit of a Beijing hospital made a post about the inability of people in Hong Kong to gain rights because they are under the rule of the central Chinese government. Such opinion is not new to the issue of Hong Kong wanting democracy. In fact most people from the mainland have been angry over the actions of the Hong Kong protesters. This made Wang Yaofeng reply with “Your mother’s dog farts — this is what’s called regional autonomy. Do you get it or not? A student of medicine with no common knowledge of political science should fart less.”

Images by Paula Bronstein and CNN