Strategy Towards Political Communication

The internet is a social platform for many individuals wherein it is considered as a portal of freedom of expression. However, it is of common idea that in China, this is controlled by the government. They are not considered to be a part of this reality that puts messages on web to be able to fight for an idea. Everything is under the powers of the highest positions in the country. It affects the relations of the nation to its governing body for there are some censorship measures which hold back the processes of having an outlet of opinions. It is also related to the tourists because being in China, they must comply with the existing policies of the country.

This control of the internet access inhibits individuals to maximize the use of the facility which is for research and communication. There may be certain prohibitions for the data usage but the country is still given some means to have such tool for news, entertainment and opportunities for business. This enclosure for the platform disconnects China from the other countries that are very much vocal with all that is happening. There are reforms in the political side of China and this actively implies that the exchange of some political processes are also disregarded from the web usage. The Chinese community have generally adapted to this policies which make them create websites that comply with the rules present. The sensitive topics are censored and media sites are blocked and this reflects how their culture and beliefs for they somehow enclose what are truly going on with their country. The influence of the government when it comes to this aspect of the generation is very powerful and the people are left with no choice but to follow and deal with the strategy towards protecting their country.