The Reason Behind It

The internet is a powerful web tool and China is prohibiting people from creating it an avenue to voice out and there are numerous reasons behind it. The Constitution of China believes that having a platform may break certain laws and regulations of the country. This may contribute to overthrowing the government or the socialist system of China. Having different opinions, they may create a conflict for there is a division brought about the country. In addition, it may create hatred and discrimination among the nationalities. The destruction of the society is suggested because of the rumors that may arise and the distortion of the truth. Furthermore, there may be the promotion of gambling, violence and murder from the people. Another issue is having terrorism opportunities as well as criminal activity from the citizens. What’s more to this is that the reputation of the different state organizations and administration is protected. The regulation of this aspect in China is tightened to make sure that the processes and actions done by the government are given security for it reflects the political leaders who are governing and taking charge of everything in the country. They stand firm when it comes to this and the implementation is quite effective for even tourists are required to comply with the policies. The sanctions are existing so people who disobey the law have certain consequences to face. Furthermore, even the internet service providers are being in the circle for the successful implementation of the laws.

This gives such a strong perception of China from the other countries for they are so closed. Its as if they have this need to cover up some wrongdoings in whatever venture that is going through with the country. It leads to how they want the people be just followers and have the politicians control everything.