Ageing Population Problem

One child policy has caused so many abortions

The one child policy has been implemented by China in order to resolve their overpopulation problem. Now China faces a different problem which is an aging population problem. This prompted for some newspapers round on a proposal that couples should have no fewer than two children to deal with China’s aging population problem.China relaxed its longstanding one-child policy in 2013 in response to lower population growth, allowing couples to have two children if either parent is an only child. This further increased the abortion of babies in China in order for couples to get away from the pending punishment given out by the government. It has also caused an imbalance on the gender of the country. It increased the population of men showing the high dis-proportionality against women. But the change has attracted fewer applications than expected, and the birth rate has remained stagnant.In response, a senior family planning official in northern Shanxi province believes the one-child policy should be fully relaxed, with all married couples being strongly encouraged have two children.


China is suffering an ageing population

The comments by Mei Zhiqiang, deputy head of the province’s family planning commission, sparked a heated debate in the papers and social media.While acknowledging the problem raised by Mr Mei, the Global Times strongly rejects his suggestion, arguing that the authorities need to learn the lessons of the past and use less coercive family planning measures.”It would be better to use encouragement and incentives that will be more easily accepted by the people” to promote the new aim of boosting the birth rate, a commentary in the paper argues.The Beijing News agrees, saying Mr Mei’s proposal is “a swing to another extreme” of birth control, insisting that the government has “no right to force the people to give birth”. For the Dahe Daily, the answer lies in easing the financial burden on married couples in order to encourage them to have a second child.

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