Chairman of Han Long Group imprisoned

China executes mining tycoon

China has been known for its strict control over the media. They ensure that everyone would be giving out good comments to the state and not going against it. Those who attempt to break the rules are being censored by the state. China also wants to eliminate corrupt officials in order to improve its image to the citizens. China’s state-controlled print media declare that justice has been done after the execution of powerful Sichuan-based mining tycoon Liu Han.The former chairman of the Hanlong Group was sentenced to death in May for “leading mafia-style crime and murder”.He is reported to have had links to disgraced security official Zhou Yongkang, who is currently under investigation for breaching party discipline – often a reference to corruption allegations.Official media reports, however, make no mention of such links, and indeed refrain from any wider comment beyond welcoming news of Liu’s execution.”The dark evil ones face execution, justice has finally arrived,” trumpets the state news agency Xinhua.”This shows the total destruction of the mega-mafia organization, and also fully reflects the belief and determination of the central government to pursue rule of law and clamp down on the evil and illegal forces.”

Citizens await for the decision of the court over Liu Han

Liu Han and his associates were described as the “people’s enemy”. The agency quotes observers see this as a signal that the leadership’s ambitious legal and anti-corruption reforms are gathering pace. “There will be no ‘privileged citizens’ if we continue to strengthen the rule of law and improve the legal system where everyone can enjoy justice.”In contrast to the mainland Chinese media, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post openly connects Liu with Mr Zhou, describing him as an associate of the latter’s son.”While close ties between the business community and party officials are common in China, Liu’s case has exposed in surprising detail large networks of the rich and their uncertain role in political struggles,” daily comments.

Images by VOA news and Getty