China cyber theft


Mike Mcconell

The former director of national intelligence Mike McConell gave out his assessment on the state of the Unites States private sector’s cyber defenses to prevent the Chinese from doing cyber espionage activities. He used to serve under United States President George W. Bush and now a high-ranking advisor to Booz Allen Hamilton. For the past few months, the Chinese have been able to get inside every major corporation and as a consequence took information. However there have been no findings of Chinese malware. He discussed in his speech in University of Missouri how throughout his last year of serving in the Bush administration, China employed 100,000 hackers whose singular purpose was to infiltrate computers and networks. McConell, who was also the director of the National Security Agency in the 1990s, was known to be a hardliner when it comes to the competition of the United States and China in cyberspace, openly calling China’s behavior as cyber thievery.

James Comey

More recently, in October 2014, FBI director James Comey joined the chorus of worried American policymakers by stating that “there are two kinds of big companies in the United States. There are those who’ve been hacked by the Chinese and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked by the Chinese.” Such claims against China have been questioned by a lot of people. It is questionable whether China has hacked into every single large United States Corporation and more importantly, whether it actively converts the data it extracts to benefit its civil sector companies. Some experts see how Beijing does not attach high importance to “the analysis of its intelligence product on non-military foreign intellectual property rights with a view to passing it out to Chinese corporations to make a profit.” Some think that the Chinese government has only a small office, with somewhere around 20 people actively involved in cyber theft. In fact there has been no evidence in the public domain that such office exist.

Images by ABC