China on the Sony cyber attack

Sony Hacking incident

Sony Hacking incident

The hacking of Sony Pictures last December has been done by the North Korea. This was in response to the release of the Interview, which tries to mock the North Korean government. United States officials believe that North Korean government orchestrated the cyber attack. President Obama called for China to help out in preventing future cyber attacks from North Korea. The United States government wants a blocking action “something that would cripple their efforts to carry out attacks”. The reason why the United States is seeking the help of China is that North Korea’s telecommunications networks are closely linked to China. Majority of Chinese companies operate almost all of North Korea’s networks. The United States officials believe North Korea often either routes its hacking attempts through Chinese servers or sends hackers to China to conduct operations.

Chinese officials doesn't want to help US

Chinese officials doesn’t want to help US

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying denounced the Sony attack saying to reporters that “China is against all forms of cyber attacks and cyber terrorism, including cyber attacks launched by any country or individual by using facilities beyond its own national borders against a third country.” This statement assures that the Chinese did not help out North Korea in conducting the cyber attack. The Chinese Foreign Minister is believed to be communicating with Secretary of State John Kerry about the cyber security issues. However China did not state whether or not they would help out United States with regards to stopping North Korea. They just question the claim of United States on the involvement of North Korea on Sony cyber attack. In the statement made by the foreign minister “We need sufficient evidence before drawing any conclusion,”. North Korea has denied any involvement in the hacking attack. They said in a statement “We do not know who or where they are but we can surely say that they are supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK,”.

Images by Reuters and Jason Lee