China trilateral talks


South Korea, Japan and China relations

Chinese media had been cautiously optimistic about China-Japan ties after the two nations decided to engage into a first high-level security talks in four years. The meeting in Tokyo comes after recent tensions over territorial and historical issues. They are also about to conduct trilateral talks together with South Korea. The last round of Beijing-Tokyo talks was in 2011, before ties worsened over a row over islands in the East China Sea. Several media outlets have described Thursday’s meeting as “amicable”. Experts interviewed by the newspapers say that the talks show both countries’ “willingness” to improve ties.


South Korea and Japan had a bad relation

Yang Bojiang, the deputy director of Japanese studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, tells the Global Times that a “mechanism [for regular talks] was unlikely to be established immediately”.”But the success of such a mechanism will depends on Japan’s stance on wartime history,” says the pundit, explaining that China will wait for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two. Echoing that sentiment, Zhang Tuosheng, the director of research at the China Foundation for International Strategic Studies, tells the China Daily that the dialogue shows that both are “pressing ahead with capacity building for crisis management in real and concrete terms”. The daily, however, notes that Chinese officials and experts are worried over Tokyo’s plan to change legislative limits on Japan’s Self-Defence Forces and Japan’s arms exports. Meanwhile, a commentary in the Beijing News hopes that the upcoming talks between foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea will pave the way for a top leaders’ meeting in the future.”The foreign ministers meeting is a breakthrough and an attempt to push ahead for regional integration. The talks will provide the opportunity to smooth things out, which will influence trilateral relations and the construction of a better regional order,” it says. An article in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, which has been carried by various media outlets, observes that the three countries have adopted a “softer approach” to benefit economic co-operation in the region.

Images by DW and Al Jazeera