China’s migrant workers

China has so many migrant workers

Main newspapers support Chinese authorities’ plans to give permanent residency rights to migrant workers. The migrant workers have been considered an important part of the Chinese economy prompting the government to help them out. The current residency law makes it mandatory for migrant workers to seek temporary permits before they are allowed to work in another city. Most host cities do not allow such workers any access to social benefits. These benefits are crucial in order to make sure that their well-being is ensured. According to the public security reform plan released on Sunday, migrant workers will be allowed to hold permanent residency permits to help them have access to most benefits enjoyed by local residents, the official Xinhua News Agency reports.There was no exact timeline released by the government for the changes. The state-run news agency quotes observers as saying that the temporary residence registry system has “led to instability and unsettlement and is no longer suitable for today’s situation”.

Workers at Yangtze River

Public policy expert see that these changes would further improve the conditions of labor workers in the country. Peng Xizhe, public policy expert at Fudan University, tells the Global Times that the new system will “optimize the labor force by allowing workers to freely migrate across the country”.”The current system has provided convenience for the police in managing migrant workers. It has also been a source of income for the department. But it has not brought much benefit to the workers,” Hu Xingdou, a social science professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, adds.The Beijing News notes that the proposed changes have received positive feedback from the public. The editorial adds that the plan is significant because it aims to “bring equal rights for everyone”. However, it suggests that the departments in charge of social security and healthcare benefits need to follow up with welfare reforms for migrant workers.The Xinhua’s Economic Information adds that the reform has been planned to minimize the gap between urban and rural areas.

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