China’s steps in being powerful

Chinese officials has been boasting the country's growth

Chinese officials has been boasting the country’s growth

The international community view China as nonconformist when it comes to the political system and ideology. China only has North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba as its ideological allies. Due to the sudden rise of China, most countries are either openly or secretly considering how to restrain or limit China. However people are quite off with their focus on what to focus on. Instead of thinking about how to restrain China, it is necessary to think about how to deal with China’s behavior after it has risen. China has been growing confident ever since the start of its rise. China’s current leaders always see to it that in their speeches during international forum would contain China’s peaceful rise and promise that China will never seek hegemony. They continuously emphasize this and try to gain the support of the public. It has been a good strategy for trying to assure China’s position in the international community.

Chinese officials needs to focus on improving diplomacy

Chinese officials needs to focus on improving diplomacy

Some critics however think that China will sooner or later dissent. The dissent will be due to the interruption of some sudden crisis. It would hurt China and leave them with no control. This however could be prevented if China will be contained with its changing of behavior. It would be necessary for China to be able to manage its politicians in order to maintain its power. China should not however allow for other countries to bully them. It needs to have proper diplomacy in trying to deal with other countries. It would also be helpful if China continues to strengthen the nationalist sentiments in its country. More than that China needs to obtain the trust of most countries in the world. One of the most important factors in the limitation and use of power is the unique core value system of the country. China needs to approach diplomacy through respecting every kind of political system.

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