Super China

South Korea and China relations has been significantly improving

China has been able to develop an unlikely relationship with its neighbor South Korea. The alliance was formed allegedly as a way to prevent South Korea and Japan from being a strategic ally which will endanger the position of China. South Korea and Japan have been disputing over historical claims being done by each other. Newspapers discuss whether the outside world fears China, in response a South Korean documentary series which some Chinese commentators believe overestimates the big neighbor’s potential hegemonic power.

Super China was shown in KBS

Super China, a seven-part series produced by South Korean TV network KBS and broadcast in January, focuses on China’s economic might and the possibility of “Chinese hegemony”, the Chinese language China Daily notes, adding that some South Korean viewers appeared to be both amazed and worried about China’s rising power. However some people see that the documentary was a creation of the Chinese government in order to give out their propaganda. However Chinese internet users dismiss this apparent awe as “exaggeration”, “unbelievable” and based on “a hidden agenda of bias and misunderstanding”. This dismissal is questionable due to the fact that some Chinese internet users protecting the government are hired. There is a governing body solely operates to remove bad commentaries against the government.

But an article on Gucheng Net voices concern that “over-praising” is a sign that many foreigners are fearful of China.”This exaggerated praise is no good for China, no matter whether they are heartfelt or the product of a hidden agenda”, it warns.An article in the Chinese edition of the Global Times seeks to reassure foreigners that a powerful China will not threaten world peace.”Instead, it will be a positive influence,” it says, adding that China’s neighbors would feel “even more threatened by the influx of refugees and migrants if China, with its 1.3 billion people, remains poor and collapses”.

Images by Radio Free Asia and Youtube